Our business was established in October 1986 at the moment we introduced the CSF®

We got it operational and it blew our socks of.

It was part military and steel industry, since then the future has changed.

Within the ....CORE of Time....we developed something different.
 The latest invention    See OUR Logo.     Legal Intellectual Property CODEQS ©2012
A Revolutionary concept of thinking within a digital world, .NOT. binary , no in Quads and Nibbles..
A complete overhaul of all Digital Systems.
Instead of a simple ON/OFF status, a status in COLOR.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              This LOGO is ONE single Nibble
Capable of 5 different COLOR states with one nibble !!
We use the 4 colors for data , the fifth, the '0'or .NOP.  is partially for mnemonics and/or commands.

4 Nibbles make up for 1 Quad which gives:   5^4 CCV's*** = 625 of data in 4 TIMEFRAMES at lightspeed.

Transmission between components is done with nanotubes , between systems with a 4 core fiber.

The massive reduction in bandwidth and the gain in transmission time are beyond belief.

With 'The Machine  from HP ' and it's memristors Quad Computing becomes a reality.

 Even when rerouted to a single fiber for serial transmission the gain is 10 fold (9.75)

See : MIT   Computing with Light

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*** CCV (Color Coded Value)
CODEQS © 2012 - 2015

                                                                                          a NEW WAY of Computing


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